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Flagship store:
+38 093 198 19 88
Ukraine, Kyiv, 19а Reitarska str,
During war state:
Monday – Sunday 11:00 – 20:00
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Katimo Cafe:
+38 093 198 19 19
Ukraine, Kyiv, 19а Reitarska str,
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We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express cards.

Service payment on the internet is done in accordance with the international Visa, MasterCard payment systems and is based on principles of respect for the privacy and security of making payments, which uses modern methods for verification, encryption, and data transmission on the closed communication channels. Bank card data is entered on the protected payment page of the Fondy site.

On the page to enter the bank card data, it is required to enter the bank card data: card number, card owner name, card validity, three-digit cv security code (CVV2 for Visa, CVC2 for MasterCard). All necessary data is specified on the card itself. The three-digit security code is three digits on the back of the card.

Further you will be redirected to the page of your bank to enter the security code which. You will receive in sms. If you do not receive the security code, you should contact the bank issuing the card.

We have a fast checkout option, allowing you to reliablely save your credit card data so that you do not have to enter them again for future purchases.

Delivery across Ukraine

Orders across Ukraine are delivered by Nova Poshta company. Delivery takes 1-2 days.

During war state, orders are sent in 2-4 business days after receipt of the payment by the store.

Delivery costs is payed by the recipient, according to the carrier`s tariffs. To calculate the average delivery cost by Nova Poshta company:

After sending an order, you will receive a cmr note number (consignment note), which you will be able to track the parcel with.

Delivery to the territory of other countries

During war state, goods to the territory of other countries are delivered by DHL Express.

Goods are sent during 3-4 working days after receipt of the payment by the store. Goods are not to be sent on weekend or holidays.

Delivery time by DHL Express is 10-12 business days on average.

Delivery cost is fixed – 40€.
The delivery cost does not depend on the volume weight of the parcel.

Please note, the total order amount does not include local sales tax/VAT, extra fees may be applied.

Delivery service is paid for in advance together with goods.

After sending an order, you will receive a cmr note number (consignment note), which you will be able to track the parcel with.

Exchange/return terms:

The consumer has the right to return goods of proper quality to the seller who sold it, if:
The goods have not been satisfied by form, dimensions, design, color, size.
The consumer has the right to exchange goods of inappropriate quality for similar goods
Without defects, if there are available, or choose another goods from the assortment for
The same amount.
The consumer has the right to exchange or return for fourteen days from the moment of ordering, if a document
Confirming the purchase is available, saving the marketable state of the goods, all tags and original packaging.
Expenses on delivery of exchange and return of goods of good quality the buyer pays.

Final sale is for:

– goods that were in operation
– goods that were used for photos/videos
– goods from which tags and labels have been cut
– goods without document confirming purchase
– goods that were manufactured with individual characteristics
– goods which was delivered outside the territory of Ukraine (international delivery)
– underwear and swimwear
– headwear, hair accessories
– jewelry of appropriate quality
– gift cards

Exchange/return registration rules:

– fill out an exchange/return application and send it to in the subject line of the letter, indicate «order exchange/return #order_number».

Download application

– wait for a response letter confirming the exchange/return (no later than 24 hours).

– pack the products you want to exchange/return in their original packaging, check for tags and labels.

– attach a sales receipt.

– send the parcel to the following data:

Address delivery by the company “Nova poshta”
Kiev, 19a Reitarska Street
Glybchenko Anastasia
+380 (63) 128 00 25

Please note that the seller has the right to refuse to exchange / return goods if the rules and conditions specified in this section are not met.

Size guide

Europe xs s m l one size
Chest 84 88 92 96 84-98
Waist 66 70 74 78 66-90
Hip 92 96 100 104 90-104
Europe 36 37 38 39 40
Foot length 23cm 24cm 25cm 26cm 27cm

Katimō online store public offer

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. In this offer, if the context requires another, the following terms have the following meanings and are an integral part of it:

Seller – A.V. Glybchenko individual entrepreneur

Buyer – any official individual, accepting a public offer on the conditions of this offer, placing orders and purchasing goods at A. V. Glybchenko individual entrepreneur which are
Presented on website, for its personal, household, and other needs not related to the implementation of business.

Online store – official online store of the seller A. V. Glybchenko individual entrepreneur, located at the internet address Within the framework of this contract, the definitions of online store and store, as well as the internet address and derivatives from are of equal value and are interpreted authentically, under the offer context.

Goods – object (clothing, accessories or other material values) presented for sale on the site.

Order – formal and placed customer’s order (filling the related fields on the site in the sections “basket”, “ordering”), directed to the seller for sale and delivery of the chosen on the site goods to the specified by the customer address.

2. General provisions

2.1. This public offer (further – “Contract”) is the official offer of A. V. Glybchenko individual entrepreneur towards any individual, having legal capacity and required authority to
Conclude with A. V. Glybchenko individual entrepreneur sale contract on the terms defined in this offer and contains all significant terms and conditions of the contract.

2.2. Relations in the field of protection of consumer rights are regulated by the law of Ukraine “on the protection of consumer rights”, the resolution of the law “about electronic commerce” and accepted in accordance with it another laws and legal acts of Ukraine.

2.3. The seller has the right, without prior notice, to change these terms. Changes to the terms are effective after their publications on the site and apply to any order made after the publication.

2.4. Ordering on the website, ordering by phone, and also subscribing and registration means the customer is aware of these terms, understands them, gives mandatory consent and acceptance.

2.5. All text information and graphic images of goods posted on the site are the property of the seller or its contractors. Viewing information or listing of pages of the site is permitted only for personal use.

3. Subject of the contract and price of goods

3.1. The seller transfers, and the buyer collects and pays the goods under the terms specified in this contract. Ownership to ordered goods will be transferred to the buyer from the time of actual transfer of the goods to the buyer and payment by the last of the full cost of the goods. The risk of its accidental destruction or damage to the goods will go to the buyer from the time of the actual transfer of the goods to the buyer.

3.2. Prices of the goods are determined by the seller in a sole indisputable discretion and are stated on the page of the online store located on the internet address:

3.3. The price of the goods is specified in the ukrainian hryvnia, american dollars, or euro, depending on the chosen currency on the website on the current rate of ukrainian hryvnia against american dollar, or euro.

3.4. The proposal to conclude the contract for specific goods is valid during availability the goods on the seller’s internet site, subject to availability of the goods in the seller’s warehouse.

4. Moment of the conclusion of the contract

4.1. The text of this contract is a public offer according to art. 633 and art. 641 of the civil code of Ukraine and is an equivalent of the “oral agreement” and has the appropriate legal force.

4.2. The contract, concluded on the basis of accepting by the buyer of this offer, is the adhesion contract to which the buyer joins without any exclusion/reservations.

4.3. The customer’s ordering fact is an absolute fact that the buyer accepts the terms and conditions of this contract. The buyer who has purchased the goods at the seller’s online store (ordering the goods), is considered as a person entering into relations with the seller under the terms of this contract.

5.1. The seller is obliged:

5.1.1. From the moment of the conclusion of this contract, to fully guarantee all obligations to the buyer in accordance with the terms of this contract and applicable law. The seller reserves the right for non-fulfillment of the obligations under the contract in the case of
Force majeure circumstances specified in clause 9 of this contract.

5.1.2. To process the personal data of the buyer and ensure their privacy policy in the order established by applicable law.

5.2. The seller has the right:

5.2.1. To make amendments to this contract, prices for goods and rates for the related services, methods and terms of payment and delivery of the goods in sole discretion, placing them on the internet address: All amendments come into force
Immediately after the publication, and are considered to be brought to the notice of the buyer from the time of this publication.

5.2.2. Without agreement with the buyer, to transfer your rights and obligations on performance of the contract to the third parties.

5.3. The buyer is obliged:

5.3.1. Before the contract is concluded, to review the contents and terms of the contract, prices of the goods offered by the seller at online store.

5.3.2. To order the customer, it is necessary to enter own data and make an order solely with the help of a customer consultant with ways available for customers.

5.3.3. In execution of the seller’s obligations before the buyer, the last should report all necessary data, definitely identificating him/her as a buyer, and enough for a delivery to the customer ordered by the latter.

5.3.4. Pay ordered goods and its delivery on the terms of this contract.

5.3.5. To avoid disputes, when ordering to, read the information offered by the seller on their internet site, in particular, but not limited to sections: payment, delivery, return and exchange of goods, privacy policy.

5.3.6. Not to use the goods ordered on the internet site for entrepreneurial purposes.

6. Acceptance of the order

6.1. After ordering, the customer receives on the secified e-mail address the information about the composition of its order with the indicated cost of the goods, address and cost of delivery.

6.2. The order is considered to be accepted for execution after the customer receives an email to the email address specified on the form, with the confirmation of the fact of order acceptance and or after the site displays a message on order creation specifying its number.

6.3. The seller reserves the right to cancell the customer’s application at the stage of confirming the application.

6.4. The seller reserves the right to consent the ordering data by telephone with the customer. If it is impossible to contact the customer for 48 hours, the order made by the
Customer is canceled, in addition, money are refunded to the same bank details, from which the order waspaid for.

6.5. After orderin, the buyer is provided with information on the date of delivery of the order to the customer. The specified date depends on the availability of the ordered goods in the warehouse of the seller and the time required for processing and delivery of the order.

7. Delivery of the goods

7.1. The customer is obliged to collect the order at the agreed delivery time. The delivered goods are transferred to the customer, and in the absence of the latter, to any person that presents the confirmation of the order or another document confirming the delivery of the

7.2. The buyer can carry out in-all seller’s stores pickup.

7.3. The seller attempts to comply with the agreed delivery time. The seller is not responsible for possible delays in delivery due to an unexpected circumstances occurred
Not by the seller’s fault, which were impossible to foresee.

7.4. For customers from far-abroad countries the seller sends the order without accounting taxes and fees of the country of residence of the buyer. Delivry price does not
Include taxes and fees.

8. Terms of return and exchange of goods

8.1. The buyer has the right to return goods of a proper quality if it did not fit by the form, dimensions, design, coloring, size or packaging. The buyer has the right to exchange goods of inappropriate quality for similar goods without defects, if there are available, or choose
Other goods from the assortment for the same amount.
The buyer has the right to exchange, or refund the goods of a proper quality, unless it has been in operation, its marketable state (original packaging, seals, labels), consumer properties, while maintaining completeness of goods, as well as documents confirming the facts and terms of purchase of goods (commodity or cash receipt) are preseved.

8.3. To document the return of goods of a proper quality (including on the cause of its exchange), the customer is obliged to pack the goods with all complements and all
Accessories, and to attach a payment receipt copy.

8.4. The procedure of return of the goods of inappropriate quality is carry out by the method specified in section 8.5.

8.5. Ways of return of ordered goods:
• return the goods through delivery service;
• return the goods solely or through any express company.

8.6. Expenses on delivery of exchange and return of the goods of a proper quality are paid by the buyer.

8.7. Requirements for return of the money payed for the goods are subject to be satisfied within 5 days from the day of the corresponding requirement. In case of return of the goods of inappropriate quality, the customer receives the cost of the goods together with the cost of delivery.

8.8 final sale is for:
– goods that were used for photos/videos
– goods from which tags and labels have been cut
– goods without document confirming purchase
– goods from the Archive Sale section
– goods that were manufactured with individual characteristics
– goods which was delivered outside the territory of Ukraine (international delivery)
– underwear and swimwear
– headwear, hair accessories
– jewelry of appropriate quality
– gift cards

9. Payment methods

9.1. The buyer can pay by the following ways:
• when in-seller’s store pickup with cash or card;
• online payment on the site;

9.2. More detailed information on methods of payment for the goods is in the sections “payment” and “delivery” of the site.

10. Force majeure

10.1. Any party is exempted from responsibility for complete or partial failure to fulfill its obligations under this contract, if this failure has been caused by the force majeure circumstances, arosen after signing this contract. “force majeure circumstances” mean extraordinary events or circumstances that party could not anticipate or prevent by means available to it. Such extraordinary events or circumstances include, inter alia: strikes, floods, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, wars, hostilities, actions of ukrainian or foreign government bodies and any other circumstances, which extend beyond reasonable control any of the parties . Changes in legislation or regulations, directly or indirectly affecting any party shall not be considered as force majeure circumstances, but in case of modification, which prevent any party from performance of any of its obligations under the present contract, the parties are responsible to immediately decide regarding the procedure of work to eliminate this problem in order to ensure the parties to continue the
Execution of this contract.

11. Privacy policy

11.1. When returning the goods, the customer provides passport data and bank card data for the seller to transfer the money. The seller has the right to use this information to perform own obligations to the customer. The seller acknowledges the importance of privacy policy of provided by the customer personal information. By submitting personal information to the seller, the customer agrees to their processing by the seller, including fulfilling own obligations to customers as part of this offer, seller’s promotion of goods and services by mailouts of advertising-information nature, of online and sms interviewings, holding of competitive tenders and other promotion activities for customers, analysis of
Results of marketing shares, customer support, statistical research, organization of delivery of the goods, control of customers’ satisfaction with the quality of the service
Rendered by the seller. Persons who visit websites as well as the customers agrees that to meet obligations to customers, as well as to conduct marketing research, execute analytical reports and other marketing activities the seller may entrust personal data processing (including, but not limited to – date of birth, e-mail address, data on accounts in social networks, information on purchase history, information on interests) to the third
Parties on the basis of the contract concluded with such persons, under observance of the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine on ensuring the privacy policy of personal data and the security of personal data during their processing. Processing of personal data means any action performed with or without the use of automation means with personal data, including the collection, record, accumulation, storage, refiniment (update, modification) extraction, use, transfer (including transfer to the third parties, not excluding a transboundary transfer, if it happened to be necessary during the fulfillment of obligations), anonymization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data. The seller has
To process personal data, including by directing to the customer correspondence advertising to the specified e-mail address, make calls, send sms – messages, messages
Through web-based messengers, as well to send emails of advertising nature to the specified by the customer e-mail address.

The customer may refuse from receiving mailout or receiving advertising and other information without explaining the reasons by one of the specified methods:

• the customer may select the distribution parameters or refuse it by pressing the “subscribe” button in the e-letter;

• the customer may contact the seller’s customers customer service by telephone specified on the site on the site in the “contacts” section.

11.2. The seller is obliged to not disclose the information received from the customer. Transfer of information by the seller to the agents and third parties acting on the basis of the contract with the seller to perform the obligations to the customer is not considered to be violation.

11.3. Buyer acknowledges and allows the operator and operator’s contregents to process the personal data of the buyer by using automated database management systems, and also otherwise programs, specifically designed under instruction of the operator.

11.4. The buyer has the right to ask the operator for full information about own personal data, their processing and use, and also require exclusions or corrections/additions of incorrect or incomplete personal data.

12. Responsibilities of the parties

12.1. For non-execution or improper execution of the terms and conditions of this contract, the parties should bear responsibility under the law of Ukraine.

12.2. All text information and graphic images placed in the katimoclothes.Cim online store have a legal rightholder, inlegal usage of the specifie dinformation and images is subject to legal prosecution under the current legislation of Ukraine.

13. Other terms

13.1. All disputes related to non-fulfillment or inadequate fulfillment of its obligations under this contract the parties will attempt to resolve during the negotiations.

13.2. In case of failure to meet an agreement during the negotiations, disputes will be resolved by the court order under the current legislation of Ukraine.


Katimō online store privacy policy

This privacy and processing of personal data policy (“policy”) completes the public offer and is an integral part.

When we use “we”, “us” or “our”, we mean A. V. Glybchenko individual entrepreneur company, when we use “you” or “your”, we mean you, the person, who used our services.

A. V. Glybchenko individual entrepreneur company provides services on the site (“Site”). Our company is registered in Ukraine and located at address 01034, Kyiv region, Kyiv city, Reitarska str., bld.19a. We consider us responsible to ensure the privacy of your data. We collect, store and use your personal data according to the law of Ukraine on the protection of personal data no. 2297-vi and other applicable local laws.

The purpose of the policy is to inform you about how we will use your personal data received by us from you through the site. Please review it carefully before continuing to use the site. By visiting our site, you agree to follow this policy and agree to its terms.

Consent to processing personal data

Giving your consent to the processing of personal data when registering on this site, ordering or redirecting messages through the follow-up form, you agree with the policy and its application when processing your personal data.

At this, you have the right to anywhere to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data given by you by sending to us the appropriate statement to the address: 01034, Kyiv city. Reitarska str., bld.19a. In these certain cases provided by applicable law, we can continue processing your data and after such a withdrawal of the consesnt (for example, for the purpose of ful compliance with the terms according to the end user licence agreement).

Your consent to the processing of personal data, the data on the site is equated to the agreement in the written form, as it is defined in art. 2 laws of Ukraine on the protection of personal data no. 2297-vi.

Your personal data and how we use it

You can use the biggest part of our site without providing any personal data. However, if you want to send us a message or message online, receive a mailout or special offers by e-mail, order goods or services, then you need to provide specific data.

Your personal data may include your name, surname, address or location, telephone number and e-mail address, text of your message or any other information you send us through the follow-up form.

Above stated personal data will be processed by the mixed processing of personal data (collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, refining (updating, change of usage,
Diffusion, transmission, anonymization, blocking, destruction of personal data)

Please pay attention that your personal account will be created after entering into a purchase order (you will be registered on the site). You can make your account more
Personified. You may also invite your friends to the site (for example, using facebook, instagram and other social networks).

We request your phone number to continue the processing of your order and to report its status. This number may be given to a courier who directly delivers the ordered goods, for we could keep rou informed of the delivery process. You may also provide us with data about your parameters to we be able to ensure a more individual approach to organizing your purchase process.

We cooperate with third parties, including fondy, to process payments, and only these persons will have access to data of your payment cards.

We keep information about goods purchased by you. This way, we can quickly solve any problems or requests, and also make sure the all information sent to you is relevant.

When you visit our site, we automatically collect specific data about you. To get detailed information about this question, please contact the section below “cookies and other tracking technologies”.

The purpose of processing your personal data is to provide your services in accordance with the terms and conditions of the end user licence agreement.

Collected information allows us to:

• provide goods and services you ordered;
• confirm your personality and details of your method of payment or account of a credit
• manage our site and provide services to clients;
• plan and manage your commercial activity, including analysis of your habits, preferences
On goods and styles;
• communicate with you (including e-mail and telephone in case you provided such data);
• communicate you about our offers, services or goods.

Your consent, data on the site, is valid until the purpose of processing your personal data is achieved.

You agree that we can transfer your personal data to our service providers and agents to achieve the above stated purpose. This will be made confidentially and only to the extent permitted by the personal data and advertisement law. Such service providers and agents without restriction may be any third parties that participate in the provision of services to customers, processing of the payments, identity verification and detection of fraud cases, hosting and site support.

In exclusive cases, we can disclose your account data and your personal data to others, if it will be required in accordance with law; for compliance or application of the end user licence agreement and other documents; for protection of rights, property, security of
A. V. Glybchenko company, our users or other third parties (under conditions that this will not breach your rights and freedoms).

Disclosure of your account and other personal data includes the exchange of information with other companies and organizations for personal identification and for protection against fraud. Specified actions are performed in measure allowed by applicable laws.

If we sell all or part of our business or sale or transfer a property, including the sale in case of bankruptcy or any other method, we may share your personal data with third parties as forming part of the property under the relevant transaction. We can publish and transfer the complete, anonymous statistics on the number of visitors of our site or the number of purchases to third parties, including our investors.

Cookie and other tracking technologies

Our site uses cookie files and related technologies to ensure maximum comfort for you by providing personalized data, memorizing preferences in marketing and our products as well as assisting to receive correct data. By using the site, you acknowledge your acceptance of
The use of cookies in accordance with this notice regarding this file type. If you do not agree that we use this file type, you must apply your browser settings or do not use

What is cookie and similar technologies?

Cookie file is a small file, usually consisting of letters and numbers. This file is saved on your computer, tablet pc, phone or other device which you use to visit the site. Cookie files are widely used by site owners to make sites work or to increase efficiency of work, and also to get analytical information.

We and our service providers may use various cookie types on our sites:
• strongly necessary cookies. These cookie files are required for the site to work correctly, they will allow you to move our site and use its opportunity. These files do not identify you as a person. If you do not agree to use this type of files, this may affect the web site performance.

• cookie files relating to performance, efficiency and analytics. These files help us to understand the way you interact with our website, which sections visit and how much time will be spend in each of them, also they show issues of internet resource work, for example
Notification of errors. This will help us improve the work of the site. Cookie files relating to analytics also help us measure the efficiency of advertising campaigns and optimize the content of the sites for those who are interested in our advertising. This cookies files type
Cannot be used for your identification. All information that is collected and analyzed is anonymous.
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• advertising cookie files. These cookie files record information about your actions on the internet, including visits to our site and pages, and also data on links and advertisements which you choose for view. One of the purposes we make before yourself is to reflect on
Our websites that content, which is most fully oriented to you. Another goal is to ensure to us and our service providers the possibility of providing advertising or other information in more exactly conformity with your express interests. (in doing so, we and our suppliers attract partners such as information portals, platforms, data management and platform learning demand, which provide assistance in the processing of such data.) for example, if
You view a page of our website dedicated to particular goods, we can make these on all our sites or other sites you see advertisement associated with this (or analoguous) goods and related services. We may optionally use other data and information collected with the use of the cookie files specified, including information obtained from third parties for purpose to provide you with advertisement.

How is other information collected and used?

We and our service providers can use cookie files for various purposes, including:
• understand which areas of the site for you are most interesting.
• process your orders.
• analysis information about your visiting pages to improve our site.
• provide advertising, messages and contents created by us on this site and sites of other persons, taking into account your interests.
• help you obtain the necessary information.
• determine the number of visitors and the how they use our site — to increase the efficiency of the site and for the best understanding the interests of their audience how

Long cookie files are stored on the device?

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Who places cookie files on the device?

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Your interests as described below.

How are online advertising and mobile advertising used?

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Interest to you. Third party suppliers use cookie files when implementing services for us or other companies; in such cases, we do not control the use of the specified technology or obtained with this information and we are not responsible for any actions or policy of the
Third partis.

Advertisement may provide to you based on the nature of your online activity or the use of mobile devices as well as based on your actions when searching for your responses to one of our advertisements or emails, pages you visit, your geographic region or other information. Such announcements may appear on our site or on third party sites. Technological partners we cooperate with and who help us to carry out advertising campaigns taking into account your interests, may be participants of self-regulated associations.

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Access to your personal data

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Communication and marketing

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