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Through the Dance

One–two–three, one–two–three, one. The tempo of a dance flows into the New Year’s countdown. The «Through the Dance» Capsule arrives.


We continue our ongoing study of the home concept, which guides our vision throughout the whole fall-winter season. The upcoming holidays will redefine our homes as a party setting, with the most hospitable spirit. This very feeling of being welcomed is activated by the softest textures of premium wool and silk, handpicked for this collection. The fuzzy facture transforms straightforward silhouettes into festive attire. The muted colour palette enhances wearability and emphasises the clean lines.


The footwear lineup includes comfortable mid-heel sandals — not for tiptoeing, but for taking sure steps. The pencil skirts, straight-leg pants, and laconic tops stay on the timeless side, representing the Katimo touchstone. Each piece from this collection can be dressed up or dressed down, filling the gap between daywear and evening-wear, and mimicking your mood of the moment. Still, the veiled festive feeling will always remain present. The bandage top highlights every move of a body and looks intriguing statically, too.


The intelligent take on party dressing is designed to spark ease and prove the freedom of movement, in case a woman feels like dancing. This is the dance that comes from within. She deliberately moves through tension towards vitality. This could be a slow-motion scene from a movie, but this woman is real. She is self-reliant, just like those women whom you meet every day. Just like you. She is strong enough to dance to the rhythm of chaos, and this is her dance of freedom.

Through the Dance

Photo: Andrew Grey
Style: Tetiana Nemchenko
Hair: Pavlo Lotnik
MUA: Svitlana Rymakova
Model: Lilia Nedzelskaya

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