Winter 22/23 Capsule – KATIMO
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Winter 22/23 Capsule

Home is always on our minds. In the Katimō Winter 22/23 collection, we continue to explore the definition of home, portraying it through the medium of garments.

We think of home as a place where you can be your truest self. A room for native memories and objects. A place where you wear your most comfortable clothes. Such iteration of comfort is executed in the Winter 22/23 collection. The homelike dressing steps out of its usual zone, turning into elegant, yet relaxed wardrobe staples.

The quilted robe coat and sartorial pajama set, made from the suiting fabric, elicit the feeling of protection. It reminds us of the impression you get when you watch a snowstorm from the window of your apartment while staying inside, in contentment. The opposition of warmth and coolness sets a base for the harmony of the color palette: the subdued tones of grey and twilight blue are followed by softened camel and milky tones.

The layers of wool and cashmere offer a hugging experience. The cotton knit leggings, buttoned-up cardigans, and suits are accessorized with a wool, angora, and cashmere-blend scarf. A sentimental approach is encapsulated in the hand-knitted crochet bib neck, produced in collaboration with the emerging Ukrainian brand Bandura. The house slippers are reimagined for streets in the form of Katimō shearling slippers. And the faux fur coat is a statement ready-to-wear piece, placed on the ready-for-everything side. The idea of home brings an abundance of warmth to mind. We intend to epitomize it, to make it palpable and portable.

We think of home as an inner state. Just the thought of it helps to stay softhearted through the toughest times. One look at familiar things evokes a moment of innate truth. Relying on such moments, we are not afraid to walk in a snowstorm. Home is a feeling — a unique one, an intimate one, which is to be shared with the closest people. This season, we share it through the Katimō Winter 22/23 collection.

Photo: Andrew Grey
Style: Tetiana Nemchenko
Set design: Aleksandra Arsalani
Hair: Pavlo Lotnik
MUA: Svitlana Rymakova
Model: Nana Abramova

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